Friday, 14 October 2016

Off With her Head! Alice Halloween Look

This look is explicitly costume-y and for halloween. 

Dress: Souffle Song
Headbow: Heart E
Apron: Heart E
Shoes: Metamorphose

I had the idea for this rolling around in my head since spring, but it didnt really come together until I added the laceration makeup around the neck.

Eye makeup is the TCb Alice Pallette, buy it HERE (affliate link! If you buy, I get paid) 

I used the TCB RedRidingHood Pallette previously in this video HERE

Monday, 10 October 2016

Dangerous Halloween Candy Artwork

This week's art video is colouring the line art I did last week. 

The concept behind this drawing was "Dangerous Halloween Candy", like the popular urban legends involving kids being given dangerous items along with their sweets. 
I did the sketch for this last halloween, and waited a whole year to clean it up... 
In that time I did some reading and found out that the urban legends are based on a true story...
(Do not click if you don't want to know... it's not a nice story)

This drawing is now my Halloween background image for the blog.

Feel free to use any of these as a wallpaper yourself if you like! If you do, I'd appreciate a link back here, or to my facebook Art Page.

Happy Halloween Month!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Vintage Doctor Makeup and Outfit

Here is the makeup and outfit I wore to the "Style Tribes" book launch last week!

Coat: Alice And the Pirates
Bag: Alice and the Pirates
Skirt: Violet Fane
Blouse and Detachable Collar: Metamorphose
Shoes: TopShop
Spats: Etsy
Glasses: Ebay (chain added by hand)

I wanted a more vintage doctor theme to this outfit, than the usual creepy-cute vibe of Guro lolita.