Saturday, 3 December 2011

What is Kodona Fashion?

Gothic Lolita Fashion or, "Gothic Lolita" is a subculture fashion that originated in Harajuku, Japan, as a street-fashion and is influenced by and aims to imitate victorian clothing, and the image of fairy tale princesses, old world elegance and antique dolls.

I took an interest in this fashion since I'd always been interested in vintage and victorian styles.

Not to be confused by the blanket-term 'gothic lolita', there are many substyles of Lolita Fashion. Gothic Lolita is simply my personal favourite. Other styles include the popular Sweet Lolita, and Classical Lolita, and more minor substyles such as Guro Lolita, Ero Lolita, Shiro, Kuro and Themed Lolita styles.

Lolita fashion as a whole, and it's subsets have their own established brands and designers.

Some of the most popular for Gothic Lolita include;
          Black Peace Now (
          Alice and the Pirates (
          Moi Meme Moitie (


Sweet Lolita's most famous names include;
          Angelic Pretty (
          Baby The Stars Shine Bright (
          Metamorphose (


And for Classic Lolita there is;
         Victorian Maiden (
         Mary Magdalene (
         Innocent World (


And what about Boy-Style?
Boy-style, Kodona or Ouji-sama is the more masculine counterpart to Lolita. Immitating boys fashion inspired from the same eras that lolita is taken from; Rococo, Victorian and Edwardian.
Kodona could wear frock-coats, knee-shorts and top hats while Lolta wear petticoated dresses and hairbows.
There are no specifically Boy-Style brands, and it is a much less developed subset than the others, however, Alice and the Pirates, Peace Now and Metamorphose often have appropriately prince-like clothes for this look.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gatsby Club Outfit

 This is what I wore to the recent Gatsby Club night. It was a fantastic evening, with amazing performers.

This entire outfit is offbrand.
Fun fact though, the waistcoat used to belong to my little brother... when he was 8 years old. Pretty soon it will be a vintage wasitcoat even though it was bought new... haha..

Friday, 22 July 2011

Vintage Victorian Outfits

Playing with my wardrobe recently, and making some interesting co-ordinates. This time featuring some vintage clothes I have that dont fit and I am intending to alter to fit, or potentially sell.

Bonnet - AatP
Overdress - Victorian Maiden
Underdress - Vintage

Hat - Miho Matsuda
Jacket - Innocent World
Shorts - Vintage Plus-fours

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bedroom Tour

Last November I made a post about planning to re-decorate my living space in a way that was more 'me', more gothic, more lolita, more Elegant.

"Gothic Lolita Interior Decor"

I'm very pleased to say it's finally done! So here are some photos and descriptions of what I did and where these things were found, to help inspire some of you out there who are also looking into personalising their space in a similar manner.

Here, you can see my books and dolls. Most of my books are at my parent's house, the ones along this desk and bookcase are just my favourites. Even if you're not a big reader, some antique or old style books can be a lovely decorative accessory. Their big chunky covers, often elabourately decorated and that nice old-book smell. Whats not to love?

I found using my hats as decorations both approprtae and practical. They're right there, on-hand for when you want to put one on and they look very elegant too.

A bit of shameless brandwhoring here maybe, but this is the bag my dream dress Vampire Forest arrived in, and is actually a beautiful design of my favourite brand's logo.
Next, my dressing table and mirror area. The mirror itself has a beautiful vintage frame that I based the whole look of my room around.
You could probably find similar ones in antique or charity shops, but mine was a gift from my grandparents when I was very little and has a special charm to me for that.

(complete with Alice and Mad Hatter chess peice figures)
My collection of perfume bottles has come from various places. The small, bejewelled ones at the front were gifts from family and friends. The pink spray bottle and other decorative bottles have come from small shops in the city or ebay.
The doll you can see there is the My Mellody Pullip <3

Here's a shot of my bed, so you can see how the curtain falls next to it. To make that, I just went to a fabric store and chose the material I liked best for my room, and pinned it up with thumb-tacks to the ceiling. Easy peasy!
And every day I can wake up to a princessly curtain over my bed <3
The Absinthe Robette poster was purchased on ebay. It is one of my favourite peices of art from that area and I was determined to find a poster of it for my new room!

This is where I keep my necklaces, to prevent them getting tangled, cards, notes, things I need to remember and postcards. The Notice Board. It's not very Loli by design, but does it's job perfectly!
To spruce it up a little (and cover the nail in the wall) I put up the blood-splattered tulips from halloween above it.

These fake flowers were just bought from a supermarket. Real flowers can be a pest once they die, or if your pets are likely to knock over the water vase, or if someone in the house has hayfever. All of these apply to me, so I choose fake flowers.

I hope you gleaned some inspiration from all that! Or at least, enjoyed having a nosey around my room :P
Overall, I'm very happy with it but still intend to add more details and will no doubt re-arrange things in the future.